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1. Vision & Strategies / Social Impact Consulting

Covers company concept, name, logo, tagline, belief statement, identified problem and solution, market size, demographic, social impact, benefit, man-power, technology, research and analysis, graphic design and capital investment.    

Client type/s: Entrepreneurs / Start-Ups w/ $1 + revenue

Cost: $10,000 for one year.

Client's cover travel and accommodations for requests outside of NYC.
2. Live Experience Consulting

Facilitated through metaphors designed to drive home consultation in real-time- which is the best way company's learn.

Client type/s: Company's w/ $1 Million  + revenue yearly / State Agencies

Cost: $3,500 per Live Experience for companies.

State and City agency contracts vary.

Whichever you prefer we are ready to serve you.
Who We Are
Common Sensibly is a consulting firm that believes vision & strategies, social impact and live experiences drive results that produce common sense growth for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and companies.

We aim to make common sense a standard practice in the business world.

Our expertise:

1. From Concept-to-Capital - Shaping company concepts for capital.

2. Environmental Profile Profiting - Increasing green profile and profit.

3. Concept Clarifying - Restructuring company's processes for growth.

4. The 25th Hour- Effectively Improving staff time management.

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
    The 25th Hour
  3. Managing Director
    Environmental Profile Profiting
  4. Managing Director
    Concept Clarifying


  1. Trevor Crest
    Trevor Crest
    Founder & CEO, Crest Wealth Planning Common Sensibly helped us go from a concept, to operational, with clients and investor interest in 4 months.
  2. Cynthia Lopez
    Cynthia Lopez
    Founder & CEO, Sarali Weyu Common Sensibly helped us clarify our market demographic, including corporate clients with a service package specifically for companies.
  3. Michelle Kirlew
    Michelle Kirlew
    Founder & CEO, Avail Designs Common Sensibly helped Avail Designs form the infrastructure that enabled us to experience growth.
  4. Georgeona Daniel
    Georgeona Daniel
    Co-Founder & CEO, BExtraordinary Common Sensibly helped us to clarity our concept for market penetration with simple, common sense strategies.
  1. Craig Pattaway
    Craig Pattaway
    Founder & CEO, Brand Rokstar Apparel Common Sensibly continues to guide the phase-level growth of our company. With their sensible strategies.....we are set up nicely for success.
  2. Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris
    Founder & CEO, The Healing Panda Common Sensibly his made the Healing Panda a believer regarding their ability to provide social impact consultation.

 We love to work with company's on impacting society through influence

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