Common Sensibly's live experiences are facilitated through metaphors designed to drive home consultation lessons in real-time- which is the best way company's  learn.

From sitting in a ice-cream parlor, taking a bus ride, having coffee, tea, or hot coco, to visiting a museum, your company can learn how to diversify operations, expand processes, increase client retention and think outside-of-the-box.....while having fun in the process.

Take a moment to view our metaphors.

  1. Phase Level Dev.
    Phase Level Dev.
    Designed to expand your company's processes. The benefit is in creating a strategic plan over a calendar year. (Level A - Entry Professionals and Individual Contributors)
  2. 5 Cent Recycling
    5 Cent Recycling
    Designed to increase company’s environmental profile from 5 cent recycling for their revenue growth. The benefit is to utilize your state’s “Bottle Bill Law” to make money. (Level B - Experienced Individual Contributors)