Our team is experienced with facilitating the tasks essential to the success of your project. 


Business Dev. Adviser
James Campbell, BDA, co-advises the business operations and common sense center development of the company. 
Chief Admin-Officer
Taniqwa Smith, CAO, is responsible for the administrative function of the company.  
Graphics & Design 
Founder & CEO
Melissa Calabro, GD, is the graphic design partner of the company.

Please check out her company and work at 
Jacob Smith is a Peace Ambassador for the Universal Peace Federation (Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.)

Jacob has 20+ years of consultation experience through Business Development, Capital-Raising (For / Non-Profit), Public / Motivational Speaking, Humanitarian Service, and Entertainment Production & Coordination, resulting in an Emmy Award Nomination, Bronze Apple Media Award and Reebok Human Rights Award Nomination.

Jacob is responsible for the corporate vision and strategies of the company. Jacob Smith served as a Business Development Adviser for Empire State Development’s Business Mentor NY and Baruch College’s EOC Program for the Zicklin School of Business.

Jacob Smith is educated in Expeditionary Education and certified in Community Organizing.

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Accounts Receivables Consultant

Stanley Robbins, ARC, is responsible for the large contract  accounts receivables duties of the company. He is educated in accounting from New Horizons Computer Learning Center and Empire State College.

Accounts Receivables Consultant

Kalisa Barrett, ARC,  is the Accounts Receivables Consulting Assistant to Stanley Robbins at Common Sensibly.  She is currently completing her Bachelors in Humanity Studies.


Enclosed are the team-members that contribute to the success of Common Sensibly.
  1. Aashni Hans
    Aashni Hans
    Live Experience Facilitator
  2. Monique Williams
Chief Personnel Officer &  Writer
Monique Williams
Monique Williams
Chief Personnel Officer &  Writer
Monique Williams
    Monique Williams Chief Personnel Officer & Writer Monique Williams Monique Williams Chief Personnel Officer & Writer Monique Williams
    Chief Personnel Officer & Writer
  3. Mike Dunn
    Mike Dunn
  4. Steven Warner
    Steven Warner
    Project Manager
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  1. New Jersey
    New Jersey
    Bextraordinary visually reminds its clients/viewers of their uniqueness through podcast series and products. (contract ended)
  2. NYC / Belize
    NYC / Belize
    Sarali Weyu offers wellness coaching and goal structuring for the holistic health of nurses.
  3. NYC / Barbados
    NYC / Barbados
    QI Flow Therapeutics offers Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage therapy as an alternative to healing. (contract ended)
  4. New York / Jamaica
    New York / Jamaica
    Avail Design combines smart technology and interior design to enhance the conceptual vision of its residential and commercial clients.
  1. New York
    New York
    An apparel company dedicated to inspiring their customer's with messages of self-empowerment. (contract ended)
  2. Healing Panda NYC
    Healing Panda NYC
    The Healing Panda is a social impact enterprise dedicated to societal holistic health through massage therapy, acupuncture and self-care.

  1. Food & Drug Admin.
    Food & Drug Admin.
    FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the control and supervision of food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs.
  2. Baruch College
    Baruch College
    Bernard M. Baruch operates undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. programs through its Zicklin School of Business, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences and the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs.
  3. Business Mentor NY
    Business Mentor NY
    Business Mentor NY is the State’s first large scale, hands-on small business mentoring program that helps NYS entrepreneurs and established small businesses overcome challenges to grow their business.
  4. TEDx
    TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.
  1. UMC
    The United Methodist organization began as a means of accomplishing the mission of spreading scriptural holiness.
  2. Uncommon Schools
    Uncommon Schools
    Uncommon Schools has the goal of starting and managing schools that create transformative college prep opportunities for low-income children.
  3. FEGS
    Federation Employment & Guidance Service ("FEGS"), a nonprofit health and human services organization. It has entered the final stages of transferring its programs and services.
  4. UPCHS
    UPCHS fosters life-long learning, cross-cultural relationships, social responsibility, and academic excellence.